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I highly recommend Margot as a career coach

"I highly recommend Margot as a career coach to whoever is looking for clear, concise, expert advice for rejuvenating their career search. Margot showed me how the recruitment process works from the recruiter’s perspective and shared insights on the Dutch job market, giving practical tools to face the process of applying for a job. Under Margot's guide, I could analyse myself in a both positive and critical way, starting to see what my strengths and weaknesses are. She made me aware of my inner saboteurs and helped me to define my core values. Working with her was a great eye-opener for me.

Thank you, Margot, for always motivating me, for helping me to develop a more effective strategy in my job search, and for truly caring about my success! "

August 2023

Lawyer / Researcher

What I appreciated most was her commitment to my success

I was extremely impressed with Margots  expertise and professionalism. She took the time to understand my unique needs and career goals, and prepared me for the upcoming interview. Her advice was very practical and actionable, and helped me to boost my confidence I needed to succeed in my interview.

She was available to answer my questions and provide guidance. What I appreciated most about Margot was her commitment to my success. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to land a job that I am truly excited about. I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking for expert guidance and support in their job search or preparation for an interview. She is truly top-notch, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Margot.

February 2023

Marketing Manager

Super resourceful regarding practical things when you are in a job search

Margot is a very kind and energetic person. I love her energy! And she is super resourceful regarding practical things when you are in a job search.

In the span of ~1,5 month with Margot:

1. My CV is so much better & clearer; emphasize my skills and experiences
2. I don't spend a lot of time writing cover letters anymore as Margot provided me with a framework that I can use for any job that I want to apply for. Super useful!
3. She's there in every step of the way; checking in with me regularly and helping me with my cv, cover letter, and interview process. Sharing a lot of knowledge.
4. Most importantly, she's my cheerleader especially when things don't go as I expected. At the end of the day, I am the one who needs to do the work but it is so much easier when you know there's someone rooting for you and cheering for you outside the arena.

December 2022


Totally recommend Margot

Margot works thoroughly on waking up the giant in you. She gradually gives you the confidence you need to make that next all important step in your career. She is also culture sensitive and works ultimately in your interest. She has a very rich network and could introduce you to valuable people who will give your career a further boost. Totally recommend Margot. Margot thanks for waking up so early for the coaching sessions due to the timing of my job. 🙂

February 2022

Commercial Manager & Trader

Thank you for pushing me to go for my dreams

Dear Margot, 

I write briefly to let you know that I will be joining (a company name). My contract will be for six months as a trial; if all works well I will become an associate, with a very nice increase in paycheck.

I am very excited about this new position. The team seems quite nice and so far we have had a nice click. Thank you for pushing me to go for my dreams and become a bit brave. 

Wish you a fantastic year!

December 2021

Mrs. A.

Margot has helped me with finding a job

"Margot is really helpful and driven in helping people with their careers. As a person, she is very warm and friendly. She works on building your self-confidence and getting to know yourself better and also focuses on practical matters prompting you to answer critical questions. Margot is very knowledgeable and speaks with confidence and you know that her advice is backed by years of experience. She has helped me with finding a job. We worked on my strengths, my way of thinking and self-confidence as well as the resume, cover letter and interview skills. She shared both high quality practical resources with me as well as a wealth of very useful advice that helped me. I consider the time we worked together as very valuable and I am really pleased with the outcome. Therefore, I highly recommend Margot as a career coach and a genuinely good person."

November 2020

Strategy Analist

An outstanding career coach

"Margot is an outstanding career coach who knows what she is doing. She is highly supportive and knowledgable across various aspects of career advice. She is a strong leader who knows the in and outs of what her clients experience and need to reach their goals. She has helped me immensely to set up the right steps towards for my career and I can highly recommend her."

April 2020

Digital Marketing Manager

I found a job at a fast growing firm and that fits my personality perfectly

“I classify Margot as a top-notch subject matter expert in job/career coach. She was instrumental in helping me fine-tune my job search strategy and interview skills which led to my landing a job at a fast growing firm and that fits my personality perfectly. She optimized my LinkedIn profile so I could be found by people who could use my skill set and provided me with tips to enhance my interviewing technique. I had the basic skills down, but Margot helped me excel in these areas. The confidence I was able to build, from her coaching, was indispensable. I am so grateful and thankful for her help and definitely won't hesitate to reach out to her in the future.

The time I invested in having Margot guide me on my next move was, in a word, life-changing! She brings many years of wisdom and instinct to this process. She uniquely used the “rear view mirror”, to draw upon my past experiences (of what had worked well for me and what had been missing), and the “windshield”, to offer keen and predictive insights into what I really needed to focus on for my next move. She brings brutal honesty to the process, which is not always easy, but she has a God-given gift for removing the blind spots that all professionals eventually develop when peering into themselves and their own career paths.

I highly recommend Margot as an invaluable resource that every career-minded person should leverage at least once in their lifetime. She steered me on a perfect course, and I will always be grateful for her coming along side of me during this pivotal point in my life and career.”

Augustus 2018

Naiá Klickermann
CS Self-service manager

Margot is a fantastic career adviser/coach!

"If you are looking for a competent professional to aid you to understand the Dutch market, find out your work profile and relevant skills to sell yourself accordingly, Margot is definitely one of the best professionals in the Netherlands for you to go to. Besides being extremely up to date with relevant techniques and the current scenario in the Dutch market, she is an extremely witty and honest person, characteristics I find to be super important in this journey of looking for a job in a foreign country. Margot has an amazing energy and I absolutely loved working together with her, even if separated by a screen (due to covid-19 crises). I completely attribute to her my accomplishment of finding a job; of course, the merit in terms knowledge is mine, however she played an absolutely important role in teaching me how show the best of myself in the selection process in ways I would have not thought about without her."

April 2021

Bruna Calado
Education Development Officer