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Second-track reintegration? Stop fighting with your boss!

Second-track reintegration? Stop fighting with your boss! From first-hand experience, I know many employees on sick leave waste a lot of energy fighting with their employers. At the same time, I see employers are frustrated too. Communication and listening are often the magic words. Assumptions can disrupt communication. I’m well aware it’s easy for me as an outsider to judge. However, I also know what the negative effects of poor...

How to find a great job in the Netherlands

5 career coaching tips for expats (with an EU work permit) For a couple of years now, I’ve been coaching expats and really enjoying it. Partly because of my own background in international work and study. You won’t hear me say it’s easy to find a job in the Netherlands as a foreign national with an EU work permit. In fact it can be quite a challenge, but it’s certainly...