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My name is Margot Ros. I am a career coach and I run my own company, Ros Loopbaan (Ros Careers). In addition to helping Dutch employees, I also really enjoy working with expats (with an EU work permit) who work, or want to work in the Netherlands. One of the many reasons I love doing this, is because of my affinity with foreign languages: besides English I also speak German, French, Spanish and Italian.

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The professional services I offer include:

• Management coaching
• Outplacement
• Reintegration into the workforce/Second-track career coaching
• Finding a (new) job in the Netherlands

My approach is personal, targeted, pragmatic and culturally sensitive.

How can I support you?

Feel free to call, email or message/WhatsApp me at 06 4716 3942 or margot@ros-loopbaan.nl.

I always respond quickly, usually the same day. Or fill in the inquiry form below. I look forward to hearing from you! For more information about me and my services for expats, click on Expats and Expat Reviews.